Season Ticket Delivery (15 September 2014)

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David Pastrnak and his mom. (Behind the B)


HEYYYYYYY! So I just hit my goal (woot woot) and I am doing a hockey-themed giveaway! Thanks to everyone who follows me I love you all and I love making friends with y’all!!!

T h e P r i z e!

So the winner will get to spend $120 (USD) to spend on any hockey related items and the shipping. Some of the sites I personally enjoy the gear from: Staalsie’s Skreened Designs, NHL shop, other Skreened artists, Glass Bangers (some of these are so white bro-ish I refuse to buy them), and finally HockeyGiant.

So say you only spend $100 and you have $20 left, well that other $20 will be going to a charity (the winner and I will decide which).

R U L E S:

  1. Gotta be following me
  2. Winner must be willing to give me their address for shipping
  3. ask box has to be open too
  4. if the winner does not respond in 48 hours, I will be picking someone else
  5. I will be using to choose a winner
  6. likes and reblogs both count (reblog as much as you want)
  7. I will ship around the world but the total (items+shipping+taxes) has to be $120 or under
  9. GIVEAWAY ENDS September 16, 2014 at 11:59 PM PST.

EXTRA ENTRY: send me a message with your favorite charity and why the money should go to that and you will get an extra entry in the giveaway (only one per blog)!!!

AGAIN thanks to all of you guys for making me feel so welcome on this site! You’re all amazing and I am so glad I am friends with and talk to a bunch of y’all! :))))

Also shout out to my homie lizlikewoe for the amazing edit!!!

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Our 2014-2015 projected line-up. How does everyone feel about this being our line-up going into next season?

b o o t y


Welcome to the Blackhawks!

Bonus: he likes Kane? 




How to keep yourself safe from iCloud hackers. Please make sure your auto photo sharing is turned off so that others don’t fall victim to having their photos stolen like those poor celebs.

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